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Main Tips For Learning English - Wakeup 1St

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The book I have decided to write is based on my personal experience and on the direct experience of my children. Thanks to them I have been able to analyze how learning two or more languages without frustration is possible. This is how and why I conceived such book. The acceptance of the difference is the first step to let the learning process start without building barriers. Along with the language barriers most people tend to face such process by referring to previous negative experiences which always seem to be difficult to remove. By working on both language and previous experiences together with the idea of setting a target the learning process can be easy and not frustrating. Students must learn to play with the language and make it their own thanks to a constant participation, keeping motivation high and the target in mind. Being open to what is different is the best way to welcome knowledge. We must stop thinking that whatever is new is difficult and deeply believe that it is simply different and challenging to be learnt.

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