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Demetrio Pianelli (Emilio De Marchi)

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“The day after Demetrio took up his customary life. Only one fact was unusual: along the way to his office a dog was following him. It was Thursday. As the dog nuzzled up closer, he warned him: ‘Go away, leave me in peace, …’ ‘Beb,’ replied Thursday warmly, scrutinizing the man with eager wide eyes.” It is the voice of conscience, that makes itself heard, and asks Demetrio, as everyone of us, the strength and the wisdom to listen to it. Milan, 1890.

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Congratulation! a Good occasion to train my English and to learn about an important Italian writer. Advisable for a funny reading.

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Roberto [25/12/2013]

Hi! I read the book this summer on holidays and it was really interesting! Good story (a lot of things happen there) and it is also very usefull to improve English language!! Nice! See you soon at language courses bye!

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DANIELE A. [01/09/2013]

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